5th Prize for 3D Printed Mobile at Swiss 3D Printing Competition

As part of the 20th Triennial Grenchen 2015 Art Limited – Multiple Art, the
Kunstgesellschaft Grenchen in collaboration with PrintaBit organized a 3d printing competition, in which the 3d printed mobile I submitted won 5th prize:

Image of 3D Printed Sculpture Mobile Art

From the jury:
“This work highlights the formal possibilities of 3D printing, as the way the joints are combined within
one form is possible only in that new media technique; and despite the hard-edge material, the
movement and lightness of color, with the play of shadow on the wall, creates a sense of dynamic

The above is a render. You can see an actual print of the mobile (in red) in a collection of photos from the exhibit.

1st Prize went to Markéta Schiffnederová for her 3d printed sculpture Crumpled Rabbit:

Photo of 3D Printing Sculpture by Marketa Schiffnederova

From the jury:
“As a 3-dimensional form, this work is visually interesting from all angles; its subject – an organic
creature – visually has the throw-away quality of crumpled paper, yet the synthetic colour and actual
texture are contradictions to the known sight and touch of both rabbit and paper; and because it
successfully embraces the nature of the medium of 3D printing.”

2nd Prize went to Marc Reist, 3rd to Jean-François Réveillard, and 4th to Oliver Ende.

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