Photos of Large Atrium Sculpture (Kinetic Art Mobile) Installed

Photos of a large atrium sculpture (kinetic mobile) I custom designed, made and installed (via The Art Company) at the newly built Joint and Spine Center at the Christ Hospital in Cincinnati, OH, last month (August 2015):

Photo of Atrium Sculpture

The sculpture measures 33ft (10m) in height and 26ft (8m) in diameter.

Photo of Large Hanging Mobile

The largest shape is 5 2/3 ft long (1 3/4 m), the longest arm measures 17 3/4 ft (5 1/2 m) in length.

Photo of Large Mobile Art

Made of aluminum, the mobiles weighs only about 100 pounds (45kg).

Photo of Large Fine Art Mobile

Photo of Kinetic Art Mobile

Two photos from the Grand Opening Celebration on August 28th 2015:

Photo of Calder Style Mobile

Photo of Calder Inspired Mobile

Photo of Large Hanging Kinetic Sculpture Custom Made

Initially, 22 different sculptors were considered for the project – see the design proposals that I submitted.

Photo of Large Hanging Mobile Art

Photo of Large Custom Mobile

The hospital is located on a hilltop in historic Mt. Auburn above downtown Cincinnati. The view from the hospital’s rooftop garden:

Photo of Downtown View From Rooftop

A view from outside of the suspended sculpture in the atrium:

Photo of Atrium Sculpture Outside View

The 125 year old Christ Hospital is consistently recognized by U.S. News & World Report as one of the nation’s top hospitals. Here’s an outside view of the newly built Joint and Spine Center with the atrium in which the sculpture is installed at the main entrance:

Photo of Atrium Sculpture Outside View

These are photos that I took myself. Professional photos should follow within a month.

Thanks to Mike Rainer of Mike’s Machine & Welding for assisting with the construction of the mobile.

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5th Prize for 3D Printed Mobile at Swiss 3D Printing Competition

As part of the 20th Triennial Grenchen 2015 Art Limited – Multiple Art, the
Kunstgesellschaft Grenchen in collaboration with PrintaBit organized a 3d printing competition, in which the 3d printed mobile I submitted won 5th prize:

Image of 3D Printed Sculpture Mobile Art

From the jury:
“This work highlights the formal possibilities of 3D printing, as the way the joints are combined within
one form is possible only in that new media technique; and despite the hard-edge material, the
movement and lightness of color, with the play of shadow on the wall, creates a sense of dynamic

The above is a render. You can see an actual print of the mobile (in red) in a collection of photos from the exhibit.

1st Prize went to Markéta Schiffnederová for her 3d printed sculpture Crumpled Rabbit:

Photo of 3D Printing Sculpture by Marketa Schiffnederova

From the jury:
“As a 3-dimensional form, this work is visually interesting from all angles; its subject – an organic
creature – visually has the throw-away quality of crumpled paper, yet the synthetic colour and actual
texture are contradictions to the known sight and touch of both rabbit and paper; and because it
successfully embraces the nature of the medium of 3D printing.”

2nd Prize went to Marc Reist, 3rd to Jean-François Réveillard, and 4th to Oliver Ende.

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Photos of a Large Mobile (33ft/10m) Suspended by a Crane for Adjustments

Photos of a large mobile (33ft/10m) suspended by a crane for adjustments, which turned out to be very minimal because the balance points and various alignments were calculated beforehand with engineering software. Most of the connections were precise and did not need any adjustments:

Image of Large Mobile Sculpture

Photo of Large Hanging Sculpture

A photo of one of the sheet metal (aluminum) shapes before assembly for size comparison – this one is the top (highest) shape in the mobile:

Photo of Large Calder Style Mobile Metal Shape

Photo of Large Suspended Sculpture

Photo of Large Custom Sculpture

Photo of Large Calder Style Mobile

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Proposals / Custom Designs for Large Mobiles for a Three-Story Atrium

Proposals / custom designs for large mobiles for a three-story atrium:

Image of Large Mobile Sculpture Art

Image of Large Hanging Kinetic Sculpture

Image of Large Hanging Sculpture Calder Mobile

Image of Large Hanging Art Installation

Image of Large Suspended Artwork Custom Made

Image of Large Hanging Mobile Art

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Busy, Busy, Busy – Some of the Custom Mobiles I’m Currently Working On

I’m sorry about the lack of blog posts lately, I’ve been very busy. Just for now, here are some of the custom mobiles I’m currently working:

Photo of Large Scale Mobile Installations

A custom mobile for a foyer at a private residence in Miami, Florida. A draft of the mobile photoshopped into the two level space:

Image of Custom Hanging Mobile

A three story custom mobile for a light well at a private residence in Chicago:

Image of Large Mobile Sculpture Multi Level

An additional design for the same space:

Render of Large Ceiling Sculptures Multi Level

A custom mobile for the Titus Elementary School in Warrington, PA:

Image of Hanging Moving Sculptures

Image of Large Custom Mobile

Image of Large Custom Mobiles

A custom mobile for a staircase at a private residence in Hong Kong:

Image of Hanging Mobiles

A proposal for a private residence in Miami Beach:

Image of Art Mobiles Miami Beach

Some (not yet made) ideas / mobile designs:

Image of Original Mobiles Design

Image of Fine Art Mobiles

Image of Artist Mobiles

A render of a Calder-style mobile:

Image of Mobile Calder Style

And sometimes all kinds of things break loose:

Image of Large Hanging Mobiles

I’m also working on an additional new large scale project that I’m very excited about and will be posting about soon.

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