Large Custom Made Mobiles and Suspended Kinetic Art Installations

I’m a sculptor specializing in mobiles and suspended kinetic art installations. I design, build and install custom mobiles from small to large scale.

Photos of a Large Atrium Sculpture Kinetic Fine Art Mobile

Image of Custom Art Mobile Hanging Modern Sculpture Commission

[Custom made mobile for the Butterfield House – not shown on location here]

Photo of Large Mobiles

A good example of my previous work are the large custom mobiles I made for the Twinkle by Wenlan New York Fashion Week show at Bryant Park, where I had only twenty minutes between shows to bring in five large mobiles, unpack them, assemble them, install them, and everything had to pass with the insurance inspector. The mobiles had to have a strong visual impact while not interfering with the models, the audience or the structure holding all the lights above the runway. The design of the mobiles was based on fabric patterns used in the collection.

Image of Large Hanging Kinetic Mobile Art Sculptures

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Image of Large Suspended Mobile Sculpture

Another good example are the three large custom mobiles I designed, made and installed in the atrium of the Fair Oaks Marriott in Fairfax, Virginia (via P3 Design Collective and Apple Hospitality REIT). Measuring about 20 feet each in diameter and weighing only 15 pounds, they took only 2 1/2 hours to install, including height adjustments. The mobiles won 3rd Prize in the 2015 International Kinetic Art Competition and the hotel is now the second highest ranked Marriott Hotel in North America for “Design and Decor”.

If you’re interested, please contact me with questions and details, such as a description, a photo or a render of your space, design or style preferences, the approximate dimensions you’d like the mobile or kinetic art installation to have, budget, and the time frame you’re working with.

All work that I do is covered by liability insurance for up to $1 million (Insurance Certificate / Declarations available upon request).


Photo of Custom Moving Mobile Sculpture Movie

Image of a design for large original calder inspired custom hanging mobiles

Images of a Large Hanging Moving Art Installation

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Image of a design for three large custom hanging mobiles for a lobby or commercial space

Photo of diagrams for custom mobiles

Image of Large Hanging Sculptures - Custom-Made Mobiles - Butterflies Design

Image of Suspended Art Installation

Image of Hanging Lobby Sculpture Installation

Proposal for a large hanging mobile sculpture for a shopping mall atrium

Photo of Modern Mobile Sculpture

Photo of Mobile Art Sculpture

Image of Large Custom Calder Inspired Mobiles - Red and Black

Photo of Large Mobiles Ceiling

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Illustration for large scale original calder inspired custom made modern mobiles sculpture - commission

Diagram - Custom Hanging Mobiles - Space

Image of Custom Art Mobile Hanging Modern Sculpture Commission

Large Mobiles - Commission - Floor Plan

Image of design for custom-made mobiles hanging kinetic art sculpture Calder like custom paint

Large Mobiles - Commission - Floor Plan


Photo of Custom Mobiles made with Brass

Image of large custom Calder mobile for sale

Photo of Large Scale Mobile Installations

Render of Large Ceiling Sculptures Multi Level

Drawing of Custom Mobiles

Drawing of Custom Mobiles

Photo of Large Calder Style Mobile

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