Busy, Busy, Busy – Some of the Custom Mobiles I’m Currently Working On

I’m sorry about the lack of blog posts lately, I’ve been very busy. Just for now, here are some of the custom mobiles I’m currently working on:

Photo of Large Scale Mobile Installations

A custom mobile for a foyer at a private residence in Miami, Florida. A draft of the mobile photoshopped into the two level space:

Image of Custom Hanging Mobile

A three story custom mobile for a light well at a private residence in Chicago:

Image of Large Mobile Sculpture Multi Level

An additional design for the same space:

Render of Large Ceiling Sculptures Multi Level

A custom mobile for the Titus Elementary School in Warrington, PA:

Image of Hanging Moving Sculptures

Image of Large Custom Mobile

Image of Large Custom Mobiles

A custom mobile for a staircase at a private residence in Hong Kong:

Image of Hanging Mobiles

A proposal for a private residence in Miami Beach:

Image of Art Mobiles Miami Beach

Some (not yet made) ideas / mobile designs:

Image of Original Mobiles Design

Image of Fine Art Mobiles

Image of Artist Mobiles

A render of a Calder-style mobile:

Image of Mobile Calder Style

And sometimes all kinds of things break loose:

Image of Large Hanging Mobiles

I’m also working on an additional new large scale project that I’m very excited about and will be posting about soon.

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