Drawings of Kinetic Sculptures – Stabiles

These are the original drawings / designs of the abstract kinetic sculptures I came up with and made last summer. Most of them consist of three loose elements, meaning they’re not attached to each other, they simply stand on top of each other through balance. With the exception of the base piece, each part rotates independently full circle with the wind / air currents. They’re made with sheet metal, rivets, washers, thick wire and metal weights. You can see the actual sculptures on my kinetic sculpture / stabile page.

Image of Kinetic Sculpture - Stabile - 11 - Drawing - Design - Draft

I still don’t have them for sale in the shop, I just keep thinking I need to improve them a little more before they’re “retail ready”. I’m also experimenting with them to see if they could be installed outdoors as a kinetic garden sculpture, in front of a commercial building, public art, etc. maybe even as large scale sculptures.

Image of Kinetic Sculpture - Stabile - 7 - Drawing - Design - Draft

They’re true “stabiles”, a term I see sometimes defined as “an abstract sculpture resembling a mobile but having no moving parts.” I always thought of a “stabile” as a standing mobile, as opposed to a hanging mobile, though.

Image of Kinetic Sculpture - Stabile - 4 - Drawing - Design - Draft

I think these abstract sculptures have mid century modern elements, they also have a very new and contemporary design element to them, and I think they are rather unique and differentiate themselves nicely from the works of other kinetic sculptors such as Lyman Whitaker, Len Lye, Theo Jansen, Reuben Margolin, Arthur Ganson, Yaacov Agam, Fletcher Benton, Starr Kempf, Ralfonso Gschwend, and Alexander Calder (obviously more known for his hanging mobiles than his stabiles).

Image of Kinetic Sculpture - Stabile - 8 - Drawing - Design - Draft

See my ready-made hanging mobiles for sale (also available through Etsy) or get in touch for a custom made hanging mobile or hanging kinetic art installation

Image of Kinetic Sculpture - Stabile - 9 - Drawing - Design - Draft

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