Technical Behind-the-Scenes Aspects of Designing, Making and Installing a Large Custom Mobile

Some of the technical (“behind the scenes”) aspects of designing, making and installing a large custom mobile.

Proposing a variety of designs to the client (see the full render designs).

Image of Custom Mobile Designs Artist

Site inspection.

Photo of Multi-Level Atrium for Sculpture Commission

Creating the 3d model of the space and the sculpture. Making adjustments to ensure that as the kinetic sculpture rotates and moves with the air currents, it will always remain out of reach from the various floors.

Image of Suspended Art Installation

Image of Hanging Art Installation

Establishing the engineering data.

Image of Large Scale Sculpture Engineering Data

Preparing the file containing the shapes (Calder style/inspired with this specific design chosen by the client) for laser cutting.

Image of Calder Style Mobile Shapes Laser Cut

Custom made knurled pins pressure fitted with a 10-ton press.

Photo of Kinetic Art Mobile

Confirming that all the balance points have been calculated correctly, in other words, reality needs to confirm theory (with the help of a crane).

Photo of Large Mobile Sculpture

Keeping it safe from vertical shocks caused by bumps and potholes as it’s transported (in this case) 500 miles / 800 km across the Appalachian Mountains.

Photo of Large Sculpture Commission Transport

Planning the layout of the mobile parts on the installation lift, so the overall 33 foot sculpture can be raised through the 22 by 15 foot opening in the atrium from the ground floor to the upper floors.

Image of Hanging Atrium Sculpture Installation

Image of Hanging Lobby Sculpture Installation

See the finished and installed mobile.

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