MAKE Article – How to Make a Mobile Based on Calder’s Mobiles

I wrote an article for the new issue (Vol 40) of MAKE magazine titled Make a Modern Mobile – Swivels and a weight give flexibility and stability to this contemporary design. It explains how to make Mobile 78, a mobile based on Alexander Calder’s mid-century modern mobiles with a contemporary design element to it. It includes a list of all the tools and materials needed and goes through all the steps to make the parts and assemble them.

Image of How to make a Calder style mobile article

There’s an online version of the article, a PDF version, or subscribe to the magazine (they have lots of other great projects in each issue!).

Image of Magazine Cover with How To Make Mobiles Article

Here’s a photo of a mobile made by Carolyn Kingston based on the instructions as part of the Kinetic Mobile Making Group in the Boston, MA area:

Photo of Calder Style Mobile made by Carolyn Kingston

Additional resources for making mobiles:

If there’s anything else I can help with, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Image of Make Calder Artist Inspired Mobiles

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