Large Custom Calder-Style Mobile Installation in Buenos Aires

These are photos I recently received from a client. I made a 12 feet (3.5 meter) tall Calderesque mobile for his two story atrium. I previously posted photos of this mobile at a local park a day after it snowed. After taking those pictures, I disassembled the mobile and pack it small enough so that it could be taken onto an airplane. Then the mobile was reassembled on location in Buenos Aires by the client’s assistant, Jorge:

Photo of Large Hanging Mobiles Painting

The shapes (paddles) had to be reattached and the new rivets needed to be painted.

Photo of Large Hanging Mobiles Preparation

Mini-pulley system for the roof designed by Jorge to raise the mobile:

Photo of Calder Mobile Reproduction Mechanism

The design of the mobile:

Photo of Mobile Calder Acheter

Measurements of the atrium:

Photo of Large Calder Mobile

The design of the mobile photoshopped into pictures of the space (the colors for the mobile had yet to be decided at this point):

Photo of Calder Mobile Replica Proposal

Photo of Calder Mobile Reproduction

Photos of the installed mobile:

Photo of Large Calder Mobiles Reproduction

Photo of Large Calder Mobile Reproduction

From the client: “The mobile is truly beautiful! [It] lives up to our expectations – which were inordinately high! The wonderful thing we discovered is the full meaning of the word ‘mobile’. With the advent of winter, we have turned on the heat on occasion. What that causes is real movement — almost a revolution per minute as the warm air floats upward. At night, with the lights on, the shadows play across the wall as well. Beautiful!”

Photo of Large Hanging Mobiles Calder

Photo of Calder Mobile

And for kicks, a local cafe in Buenos Aires around the corner from the residence where the mobile now is:

Photo of Local Cafe Buenos Aires

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