Large Custom Calder-Style Mobile at Snowy Park

It was snowing yesterday so I took this large Calder-style mobile I just finished to the park, thinking the red and black shapes would probably show off nicely against the white of the snow in the photos. It’s a custom made 12 feet (3.5 meter) tall Calderesque mobile made of carbon cold rolled steel made for a client’s two story atrium:

Photo of Large Calder Style Mobile

Photo of Large Calderesque Mobile

Photo of Calder Inspired Mobile

Photo of tall mobiles with trees and sky

Photo of Large Calder Inspired Mobile at Lake

Photo of Large Calder Inspired Custom Mobiles For Sale

Photo of Calder Style Mobile Buy

Upon the client’s request, I disassembled this mobile after taking these photos and packed it so tightly that he could bring it to Buenos Aires on an airplane. See the photos of the reassembly and installation of the mobile on location.

Photo of Large Custom-Made Mobiles Outdoors

Not a Calder reproduction, but definitely strongly Calder inspired.

And just for fun, here’s a GIF animation with a snow flurry (pun intended for the Calder aficionados reading this):

Photo of Large Custom-Made Mobiles Outdoors

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