Custom Mobile Art Project for the Rotunda at Titus Elementary School

Custom mobile project for the rotunda at Titus Elementary School in Warrington, PA.

The design is based on the school’s PAWS award (pictured below). PRIDE is an acronym for P-Pride, R-Respect, I-Individual, R-Responsibility, D-Determination, and E-Empathy. Students receive a PAWS award when they display one of these character traits.

Image of Award Logo Design

Initial design for the mobile:

Image of Mobile Art Design

Renders of the mobile in the 3d model of the rotunda:

Image of Hanging Moving Sculptures

Image of Large Custom Mobile

Image of Large Custom Mobiles

Calculating the balance points:

Image of Engineering Sculpture Mobile Art

Laser cutting and engraving the parts with the help of an Epilog Fusion M2 at Big Secret:

Photo of Suspended Art Installations Laser Engraving

Photo of Suspended Art Installations Laser Cut

The finished mobile installed in the rotunda:

Photo of Large Art Mobiles for Sale

Photo of Large Kinetic Sculpture for Sale

The wall plaque in the rotunda:

Photo of Marco Mahler Mobiles Wall Plaque

A “fly-around” animation of the 3d model:

Also see Video: Mobile installed at Titus Elementary by the Bucks County Courier Times.

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