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Photo of Large Fine Art Mobile

1. Photos of Large Atrium Sculpture (Kinetic Art Mobile) Installed

Photos of a large atrium sculpture (kinetic mobile) I custom designed, made and installed (via The Art Company) at the newly built Joint and Spine Center at the Christ Hospital in Cincinnati, OH, last month (August 2015).

Photo of Large Calder Style Mobile

2. Large Custom Calder-Style Mobile at Snowy Park

It was snowing yesterday so I took this large Calder-style mobile I just finished to the park, thinking the red and black shapes would probably show off nicely against the white of the snow in the photos. It’s a custom made 12 feet (3.5 meter) tall Calderesque mobile made of carbon cold rolled steel made for a client’s two story atrium.

Image of Suspended Art Installation

3. Technical Behind-the-Scenes Aspects of Designing, Making and Installing a Large Custom Mobile

Some of the technical (“behind the scenes”) aspects of designing, making and installing a large custom mobile (hanging kinetic sculpture) for an atrium / lobby.

Image of Custom Mobile Designs Video

4. Mobiles – 3D Models – Render Animations (Videos)

Render animations I’ve put together of custom mobile designs, ranging in style from Alexander Calder like to the more original, and from small to large.

Photo of Large Calder Style Mobile

5. Photos of a Large Mobile (33ft/10m) Suspended by a Crane for Adjustments

Photos of a large mobile (33ft/10m) suspended by a crane for adjustments, which turned out to be very minimal because the balance points and various alignments were calculated beforehand with engineering software. Most of the connections were precise and did not need any adjustments.

Image of Large Mobile Sculpture Art

6. Proposals / Custom Designs for Large Mobiles for a Three-Story Atrium

Images (renders) of proposals / custom designs of large mobiles for a three-story atrium.

Photo of Custom Moving Mobile Sculpture Movie

7. Custom Made Mobile for the Movie “The Upside”

Custom designed / custom made mobile sculpture for the movie The Upside, to be released in March 2018. The mobile is inspired by my previously made Mobile 92.

Photo of Large Scale Mobile Installations

8. Busy, Busy, Busy – Some of the Custom Mobiles I’m Currently Working On

I’m sorry about the lack of blog posts lately, I’ve been very busy. Just for now, here are some of the custom mobiles I’m currently working.

Image of Kinetic Art Sculptures Mobiles

9. 3rd Prize Winner – 2015 International Kinetic Art Competition

Three large custom mobiles I made last fall won 3rd Prize in the 2015 International Kinetic Art Competition, organized by the Kinetic Art Organization.

Photo of Historic Mobile

10. Mobiles before Calder – Who Invented Mobiles – A History of Mobiles

A history of mobiles including early hanging kinetic sculptures that could be classified as mobiles before Alexander Calder started to make them.

Photo of Custom Hanging Mobiles Kinetic Sculptures Modern Art

11. Custom Hanging Mobile 92 with Mies van der Rohe Daybed

A new image of a custom made version of Mobile 92 with the modern classic Mies van der Rohe daybed (to illustrate the size of the mobile). This version is 5.5 feet tall and 4.5 feet wide, made with sheet metal, wire, rivets and a metal weight.

Photo of 3D Printing Art First Mobile

12. First Fully 3D Printed Mobile

Photo of the first test print of a fully 3D printed mobile. It’s working!

Photo of Large Mobile Sculpture Lobby Alexander Calder

13. The 5 Largest Mobiles Worldwide That I’m Aware Of

The 5 largest mobiles worldwide that I’m aware of (they’re all by Alexander Calder).

Photo of Mobile Art Sculpture

14. Custom Mobile for Robert A. M. Stern Architects at Kips Bay Designer Show House

Custom mobile made for Robert A. M. Stern Architects at Kips Bay Designer Show House New York City.

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