New album sold out first day available!

1. We sold out today (on the first day the new album was available!), which is good and bad. Thanks to everybody who bought a copy already, and sorry to everyone who wanted to but couldn’t. I drove out to CDBaby’s warehouse today and brought them some more copies, so they’re good to go again now. Here’s the direct link to the new album. Amazon on the other hand takes a while to restock.

2. I looked a little more into Bandcamp today, the service I use for the weekly free download. I realized they have a nice feature, something I’ve been thinking about myself for a while: If you buy the CD, you get to download the complete album immediately. And they won’t run out of copies because they ship directly from me. So I just took some time tonight and got it all set up with them. CD + immediate download of the complete new album for $10 (plus shipping)

If you have any suggestions on where else I should sell my albums, or a website or store that’s more convenient to you, let me know.

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